What is V‑CRO?

V-CRO was created to provide expert-level revenue growth support and guidance for businesses of all sizes that can’t justify hiring a full-time Chief Revenue Officer or a revenue consultant. Most business people responsible for revenue growth in this environment struggle with attracting and closing new business, while also keeping the pipeline full. V-CRO offers events and workshops, products, insights, knowledge, and services in an affordable, flexible, à la carte model.

What is IRG?

Intentional Revenue Growth (IRG) is V-CRO’s foundational principle. We define it as: The design and implementation of a strategic plan to reach a precise revenue goal in a specified period of time.

We believe every company can benefit from applying Intentional Revenue Growth practices to its business plan.

What's Virtual?

We believe the future of business will rely on as-needed, on-demand services. That’s why we offer our CRO expertise, tools, workshops, advice, and on-going support on an ad hoc, “virtual” basis, so you don’t have to hire a costly staff executive or manage expensive consulting contracts.

What's Unique?

Other revenue building services concentrate almost entirely on sales or marketing tactics. With V-CRO’s proprietary, 5-step ACITA™ system, you will create realistic revenue goals and a considered, actionable strategy for reaching them. Then we work with you to follow your customized roadmap to success in the long-term.

What’s the Cost?

We offer webinars, workshops, downloadable tools, and a variety of support services. Many are free and others are fee-based. You can select what you need, as you need it, based on your time and budget. Watch this space for the full launch of V-CRO’s tools and services in Summer 2018.

Is V-CRO right for me?

The V-CRO arsenal of proprietary tools and services can improve the profitability and efficiency of any business. People who are directly responsible for revenue growth in their companies are positioned to get the most out of working with V-CRO. Certain companies are particularly well-suited for V-CRO’s products and services, such as:

  • Small to mid-size businesses
  • Solopreneurs or entrepreneurs
  • Mid-size business units within a larger enterprise, if responsible for their own revenue growth
  • Funded start-ups, if well into development and producing revenue
  • Companies whose principal business is selling services or intangibles
  • Product-centered companies with a significant emphasis on selling services
  • Consultancies, freelance businesses, or coaching services

What is the V-CRO process?


Understand Intentional Revenue Growth as the strategic backbone of growing your business.


Implement V-CRO’s proprietary 5-step ACITA™ system: Articulate goals and a precise, sustainable strategy to meet them.


Strictly track your progress and apply the adjustment tools in your customized plan.


Take advantage of V‑CRO’s other tools and services to support your long-term progress and success.

How do I begin?

Attend our one-day IRG Workshop. Contact us to find out about available dates and registration.

Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you about how V-CRO can help your business.