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As your Virtual Chief Revenue Officer, V-CRO gives you all the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need to design, implement, and track a sustainable Intentional Revenue Growth plan. Introduce strategies and deliver the results you would expect from a staff CRO, all under your control and at a tiny fraction of the cost.

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June 14 – New York, NY
Blockchain and A.I. – What Sr. Executives need to know

June 7 – New York, NY
V-CRO Intentional Revenue Growth Workshop

March 27 – University of South Carolina-Columbia, SC
Blockchain explained! Joseph speaks about the impact of blockchain on revenue growth.


V-CRO’s Intentional Revenue Growth Workshop is a one-day, immersive, in-person business development experience. Joined by others facing similar challenges, you will use Virtual Chief Revenue Officer’s proprietary, 5-step ACITA™ system to custom-design a strategic Intentional Revenue Growth plan that activates your timeline and revenue goals. You will leave the workshop with a self-completed workbook that contains all the information you need to guide you along a custom-designed revenue growth path.

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We offer senior-level revenue expertise, guidance, and support on an ad hoc, “virtual” basis, without the cost of hiring a staff executive or expensive retainer contracts. Because each business is unique, we curate bespoke programs that include the most relevant V-CRO offerings to suit your company’s needs. From the Intentional Revenue Growth workshop to QYQ, a decision tool that determines whether or not to pitch new business, and from custom consulting services to formal coaching programs, V-CRO will support you in articulating and realizing your company’s long-term revenue growth goals.

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“The workshop cut through my business anxiety like a bolt of lightning.”

Kip Voytek, CEO, Rumble Fox

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