Have you heard about Blockchain? Are you confused by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Did you know that the first powers the second and makes it possible? Are you aware of the variety of business use cases being discussed as significant changes now in over 20 industry verticals? Are you concerned about keeping up with all these developments?

Virtual Chief Revenue Officer (VCRO) is committed to exposing you to the inevitable impact of blockchain technology on the generation of revenue within your business, and on your ability to successfully serve your clients. Our recent survey of C-Level executives uncovered a startling hunger for information about blockchain and an amazing lack of knowledge about how this revolutionary technology will affect the future growth of their businesses beyond the hype around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

WHERE DO YOU FIT? If you are a large company you have probably already have a relationship with IBM, Microsoft, Deloitte Touche, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, and other large entities who already dominate the Enterprise marketplace for this new technology. Assuming you do, that’s where you go for education and support. If you are one of the many startups already making a name for yourself in building blockchain applications or selling services to build applications, then you already know the basics and much more. If you are in the vast middle ground between them, you are an entrepreneur or an SMB executive (under 1000 employees and less than $1 Billion in revenues), then I have valuable wake-up information for you.

Get past the hype around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to discover the earth-shattering business use-cases of this transformative technology. Envision the ways it will transform how we all conduct business. Imagine the impact it will have on our personal lives.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been all the rage in the news during 2017. While some are considering bitcoin as a get-rich-quick opportunity, others like JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon are warning that bitcoin is a ‘fraud’ that will eventually blow up, while many more of us are scratching our heads and wondering what we need to know and how do we learn it.

I’m not going to try to explain what it is or how it works because there are myriad sources for that information. If you are a programmer/coder or a project manager, you need to understand how it works. However, if you are a C-Level executive who is accountable for your future revenue growth, it is more important for you to be aware of the opportunities and threats that blockchain presents. The potential business applications go way beyond what most of us have heard about so far.

Harvard Business Review Says: “…executives [must] figure out where to start building their organizational capabilities for blockchain today. They need to ensure that their staffs learn about blockchain, to develop company-specific applications … and to invest in blockchain infrastructure.”

Some currently popular business use-cases include: Advertising, Finance and Banking, Real Estate, Social Networks, Digital Identity, Identification and Authorization, Digital Voting, The Internet of Things, Asset Tracking and Proof of Provenance, Loyalty Programs, Supply Chain, Gaming and Gambling, Smart Contracts (legal), Healthcare, Media and Content Distribution, Insurance Contracts, Government, Organizational Governance, Commodities, and Data Management

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, no one anticipated the dominant and powerful way it would be affecting our lives in 2017. Does that concern you? Well, I’m saying this should concern you even more. Blockchain technology now is like the internet was in the 1970s – long before the WWW provided easy access to its power. YIKES!

CNBC says: “…Blockchain is what some analysts are calling the most transformative technology since the dawn of the internet…”

Will you be ready to serve your clients when blockchain technology surpasses the internet in dominance of your business?